If you have a caravan which you wish to part-exchange or sell, there are several ways we can help you with that.

There are a number of options you can choose from to get the best outcome. The starting point is to get a free valuation of your existing caravan and tell us what you want to achieve, by completing the simple form on this page.

Your Selling Options

Unless you need to sell your caravan very quickly, you will probably find that we can get a better price for you by selling your caravan on a brokerage basis. There are no up-front costs and your caravan will be advertised to the widest possible number of buyers, giving you the best chance of getting a good price.

If you have already set your sights on a caravan to buy, part-exchange may be the best way we can help you. The typical trade-off here is a slightly lower price for an immediate sale.

Cash buyer
If it is an instant cash sale you require, we recommend Buymycaravan.com. They have been known to pay for caravans within 24 hours, but again the trade-off is likely to be a lower price than we could achieve for you with brokerage.

Sale or return
This method requires you to leave your caravan on a company's premises with your vehicle's documents. There have been sufficient incidences of caravans being sold without the owners' knowledge, causing financial loss and anguish, for us to not recommend this as a means of selling your caravan.

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